Denis, 60 years old

Since I have started using the CPAP, I find more ease waking up in the morning and feel more rested. My energy level lasts longer during the day and I don’t feel the need to sleep in the afternoon. I’m not as depressed and feel better overall.

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Debbie, 56 years old

Prior to CPAP therapy I was diagnosed with moderate depression. Chronic fatigue and generalized anxiety impacted the quality of my personal and professional life negatively. Two months into CPAP therapy and I feel energized, more ‘with it’ and excited to say I’m on a one week trial from all medications.

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Chris, 35 years old

  I always believed my sleep disturbance to be related to shift work. After starting CPAP therapy my sleep has done a complete turnaround. I get great quality sleep, feel refreshed and energized.

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